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Play Locally. Redeem Nationally.

Being a True Rewards member gives you insider access to the best of Golden Entertainment at our 140+ locations that offer world-class experiences at a premium value.

With True Rewards, you can earn and redeem points at any of our properties all with one card.

And you won’t have to deal with any of that fine print nonsense and confusing language that comes with other rewards programs.

Check your points, tier status and more at any time when you activate your account online.

True Rewards

Our Properties

Get Rewarded

Whether you’re on Las Vegas boulevard, at your neighborhood tavern or making a grocery run, you can earn points on your True Rewards card by dining or playing at any of our locations in Nevada or Maryland. Redeem your points where you earn them or visit our casino, taverns or participating supermarkets to redeem.

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Arizona Charlie's
Gold Town
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True Rewards

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True Rewards

Earn & Redeem

True Rewards Benefits

The more you enjoy the real entertainment offered at our resorts, casinos, taverns and participating supermarkets, the more points you'll earn and benefits you’ll receive. But whether you’re True, Loyal, Solid, Legit or Epic, you’re always Golden.


Tier Descriptions

Rewards Tiers

Casino Tier Evaluation: 12 months
Tier Earning Periods: January-December
Tavern and Grocery Store Evaluation: 6 months
Tier Earning Periods: January-June and July-December

Earn Points

Redeem Points

Earn True Rewards points doing the things you enjoy most. Yeah, it’s really that easy.

These are your points – you’ve earned ’em. Now, redeem YOUR POINTS, YOUR WAY, doing what you love most.


Whether you prefer the rush of a slot machine, cleaning up with a fierce poker face or successfully spelling “BINGO,” you get to earn points your way at any of our resorts, casinos, taverns and participating supermarkets.

Slot/Video Reel/Video Keno$1 = 1 point
Video Poker/Multigame$2 = 1 point
Full Pay Video Poker$4-$8=1 point
Based on type of machine
Table GamesEarn points based on the type of table game, average bet and amount of time played
Bingo$2 buy-in = 3 points
Live Keno$1 buy-in = 8 points

Redeem YOUR POINTS, YOUR WAY at any of our eight casinos located in Nevada and Maryland, our 60+ neighborhood taverns in Nevada or our 60+ participating grocery stores in Nevada.

Casino500 points = $1 Free Play*
Tavern/Supermarket1,000 points = $1 Free Play

*Rocky Gap Casino 1,000 points = $1 FREE PLAY

True Rewards


Enjoy Perks From Our Partners

We think it’s time for you to get the most out of your rewards program. That’s why we've established partnerships with local, regional and national brands you love, so you can earn rewards and gain access to exclusive benefits and offers.

smiths - Grocery Gift Card Redemption
Smith's Food & Drug Stores

Grocery Gift Card Redemption

As a True Rewards member, you will have the opportunity to use your points and redeem earned points for grocery gift cards in participating Smith’s supermarkets in the Las Vegas Valley.

albertsons - Grocery Gift Card Redemption

Grocery Gift Card Redemption

As a True Rewards member, you will have the opportunity to use your points and redeem earned points for grocery gift cards in participating Albertsons supermarkets in the Las Vegas Valley.

lyft - Tiered Ride Share Credits

Tiered Ride Share Credits

As a True Rewards member, you’ll will periodically (dependent on tier) be awarded ride credits to be used exclusively through Lyft ride sharing services.

Become A Member

Ready To Become A True Rewards Member?

New Member

Sign up at a location near you

  • Sign up at a rewards center at any of our Golden Entertainment locations. Must be 21+ with valid government-issued ID.
  • Enroll Online to view points, benefits, and available offers and promotions at members.truerewards.com

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Current Card Holders

Make the Switch

  • If you are already a member of ace/PLAY, Golden Rewards, Beer & Bites, Checkout Rewards, Gold Mine or Rocky Gap Rewards program, it’s time to make the switch to True Rewards.
  • Get your new True Rewards card at a rewards center within any Golden Entertainment property. Just bring your valid government-issued ID and current rewards card.
  • Any existing points you have on your current card will carry over for a one-to-one transfer.

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Your Online Account

Enroll or sign into your account

  • Sign into your account by entering your True Rewards number and PIN to get started.
  • Once you signed into your account, you have unlocked your personalized web portal where you can check your points, tier status, offers and account details at any time.

Enroll Online / Sign In >


Still have questions about True Rewards?

We’ve got answers
  • What changes should I be aware of with True Rewards?

    Effective August 1st we extended the tier earning period for locals to match non-locals at a full 12 months.  We have discontinued one element of True Rewards, Dividends and replaced another, Mystery Point Multipliers, with more frequent multipliers in our promotional calendar.

  • What do I need to do to take advantage of the longer tier earning period for locals?

    Absolutely nothing!  Due to the lapse in earning period during the pandemic closure, we had awarded you your HIGHEST achieved tier since the rollout of True Rewards and you will maintain that tier throughout the remainder of the year unless of course you earn a higher tier.  Beginning in January 2021, locals will automatically have a FULL YEAR to earn tier status.

  • Why did you decide to discontinue Dividends and Mystery Point Multipliers?

    In terms of Mystery Point Multipliers, we decided to replace the program in part due to negative feedback received from our guests.  In terms of both programs, we feel it is time for a change to give us more flexibility with our promotions and create more exciting daily and weekly promotions for you to take advantage of with True Rewards.  While we recognize that some changes to True Rewards will not be received positively from all of our members, we are confident you will be happy with the many new things we have planned to our property promotional calendars!

  • When will I be able to redeem my Dividends this year?

    For locals, Dividends earned between January-June this year will be evaluated on July 1st and available for redemption in equal amounts per month from July-December.  Dividends earned in July this year will be evaluated on August 1st and available for redemption in August.  For non-locals, Dividends earned between January-July this year will be evaluated on August 1st and available for redemption from August-December.  

  • Did any other True Rewards benefits change like point earning rates, point earning for table games or point earning for retail (non-gaming) purchases?

    Absolutely not!  Our earn and redemption rates have remained unchanged, you can still earn points for all gaming and select non-gaming purchases as well as redeem earned points at over 140 locations!

  • I already have an ace/PLAY, Golden Rewards, Beer & Bites, Checkout Rewards, Gold Mine or Rocky Gap rewards card. Do I need to become a True Rewards member?

    Yes. At the time your favorite location goes live with True Rewards, your current card will no longer work. You will receive correspondence as your location goes live. To become a True Rewards member, visit any Golden Entertainment location to make the switch as soon as your preferred destination goes live with True Rewards. Find a location

  • What are tier points and how do I earn them?

    Tier points are BASE points earned which are used to determine your tier level (True, Loyal, Solid, Legit or Epic). Base points do not include multiplied points or adjusted points. You can earn points when you play or dine at any Golden Entertainment location.  Select casino bars and restaurants apply.

  • At which Golden Entertainment locations can I earn and redeem True Rewards points?

    True Rewards points can be earned and redeemed at any Golden Entertainment casino, tavern or participating grocery store. See the full list of Golden Entertainment locations here.

  • Do my points ever expire?

    Points will expire after 13 months of inactivity.

  • Where and how can I spend my points?

    True Rewards points can be earned and redeemed at any Golden Entertainment property, and on select True Rewards partners products and services.  Select restaurants at casinos do not apply.

  • How do I earn points for purchases at bars and restaurants?

    Keep your card handy to show at the time of a transaction, your server or other Golden Entertainment team member will swipe your True Rewards card at time of transaction.

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